High-Risk Modules



When told you have a high-risk pregnancy issue, wouldn't it be nice to have more information broken down into simple terms by a high-risk pregnancy doctor? Not only will these modules do just that, but they will help you develop the skills to ask the right questions at the right time and appropriately advocate for your pregnancy.

What is included in a module?

Each module includes four pre-recorded video lessons, a pre-test, a post-test, and numerous downloads and resources! 

  • You will begin with a detailed welcome video explaining the topic and the E.D.I. process.
  • Next, you will have a short pre-test to see what you currently know surrounding the topic.
  • Then, you will get started with your first lesson to EXPAND Knowledge. You will learn definitions and the most up to date data surrounding the topic.
  • The second lesson will help you DEVELOP Skills to improve communication, efficiency, and effectiveness surrounding interactions with your healthcare provider. You will be guided through risks associated with the topic and learn specific methods to address these risks personally as well as with your provider.
  • The third lesson addresses the final pillar which is to IMPACT Lives! Witness the ways in which the knowledge and skills you obtain can have a positive impact on your pregnancy, your life, and the lives of those around you. You will learn ways to further advocate for your pregnancy as well as others in a similar situation. 
  • And finally, you will finish with a post-test which allows you to see how much you have learned.
  • Also included are free downloads including informational handouts as well as advocacy assistants to improve communication with your provider so that you can self-advocate to navigate a healthy pregnancy.

What makes a pregnancy high-risk?

A pregnancy can be called high-risk for various reasons. I like to group these reasons into two categories.

First, PREGNANCY, meaning the high-risk issue began with, or develops in, the individual carrying the pregnancy. 
Second, PASSENGER, meaning the high-risk issue stems from something specific to the fetus, placenta, or the amniotic fluid.
There are many high-risk topics to address, so stay tuned as I continue to build this high-risk pregnancy module library.