Maternal-Fetal Medicine


Interactive Self-Study

Educational Modules

Learn the two most important requirements for passing this exam: organizing your thoughts and verbalizing your answers!  Proceed at your own pace with these step-by-step example cases. Not only will you learn organization and verbalization, you will work through clinical cases to improve your knowledge surrounding high-yield MFM topics. Each module, priced at $500, includes a detailed introduction, 5 clinical cases built in an interactive self-paced fashion, and a timed practice session to set you up for success!

Statistics Course

Take your time with these in depth videos to learn at your own pace with step-by-step example statistics cases. This course, priced at $500, includes a detailed introduction, four clinical cases, and supplemental items such as videos and downloads. I cover topics such as relative risk, confidence intervals, p-values, and so much more. See statistics through the eyes of an MFM to find the best way to approach statistics questions during your exam.

Get it ALL!

Want to set yourself up for success? Get started now with all of the resources you need. Receive all three Interactive Self-Study Educational Modules as well as the Statistics Course at a DISCOUNTED RATE.  This is a total of 15 practice cases and 4 statistics cases. Take each step at your own pace with guidance along the way. The NEW statistics course covers a plethora of topics and includes supplemental items such as online resources, videos, and downloads. Total package price of $1800. 

Practice Sessions

These are one-on-one virtual sessions specific to your case list.  It is KEY to practice verbalizing responses to your case list before your exam!  Schedule today an enjoy 40 minutes with an MFM surrounding your case list.  The typical format is 25 minutes of questions followed by 15 minutes of immediate feedback/review.

One Practice Session    $250

40-minute session one of your case lists.

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3 Practice Sessions    $700

Three 40-minute sessions at a discounted rate.

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Coaching Package

This package can be purchased for SIX MONTHS orTHREE MONTHS and is the perfect comprehensive resource and customized study plan. It includes:

  • Communication with your coach via call/text/email
  • Case List Assessments for all three lists
  • Personalized study folder with categorized and prioritized readings
  • Personalized study schedule
  • Easy and quick access to high yield readings
  • TWELVE Practice Sessions with a 6 month purchase or SIX Practice Sessions with a 3 month purchase
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Practice Quizzes

The best way to learn how to answer multiple choice questions is to PRACTICE answering multiple choice questions! Do just that with this extensive collection of practice questions.

Individualized Coaching

Want support through this stressful time? Need help with a study plan? Set yourself up for success with one-on-one coaching to build effective and efficient study techniques.
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“When it comes to the MFM oral board exam, we are all sparse on time, fearful of stumbling in front of our mentors, and either consumed with wanting to know everything or spend no time studying at all because we think “we got it”. Regardless of your situation, I can assure you that the personal coaching and supplemental tools that Dr. Lexi provides are exactly what you need. I felt reassured with guidance on the appropriate topics. Scared about your thesis…no problem. You’ll review it all and really feel comfortable with it. The best part…most everything is interactive! Dr. Lexi is a great motivator and educator; she makes sure you stay on track and feel confident!” ~MJ

“I am extremely thankful for Dr. Lexi's help in preparing me for the MFM oral board examination. The exam preparation outline was organized, concise, and high yield, helping me to focus on the appropriate material in an extremely efficient timeline. Dr. Lexi provided me with thorough feedback, and I was able to focus on strengthening my weak areas. She taught me to focus on organizing my thoughts. Dr. Lexi was encouraging, and at the same time gave constructive criticism. I am extremely grateful.” ~FB

"One of my friends recommended Dr. Lexi to assist with the preparation for my MFM oral boards. Best decision ever! She was able to help me design a timeline to cover high yield topics over a period of 3 months, which was a very time-efficient way to learn. It was also personalized based on my schedule, which was great. Dr. Lexi was very approachable and was always able to provide answers to my questions with helpful and reliable references. Dr. Lexi’s breadth of knowledge was encouraging, and I really benefited from learning methods to answer questions with the essential information. Practice sessions allowed me to get my mind ready for the actual day and I greatly appreciate all the confidence she gave me." ~MC

“100% worth it!  Dr. Lexi helped me to feel confident and prepared." ~KA

“Dr. Lexi was very helpful and instructive. She instilled in me confidence and self-belief, two important qualities to pass the exam. Her patience and cadence during the practice sessions were super helpful." ~FS

“The stats session was amazing." ~MK

“Dr. Lexi was extremely helpful and patient during our sessions. She provided helpful constructive feedback which allowed me to find areas of weakness and correct them before the exam." ~LM

“Dr. Lexi is AMAZING. Such a great resource to use when studying for an exam that can become so overwhelming. I constantly saw myself improving with every practice session we did." ~LP

“So many things about Dr. Lexi’s sessions were helpful! The most helpful thing was probably the statistics session - I’ve always struggled with this topic, and not only did I learn (and retain) more in an hour about statistics than I had in my life to this point, it was so helpful for the exam. The practice sessions were also very helpful - I was challenged but also felt more confident after going through them. To top it off, working with Dr. Lexi is extremely pleasant! I never dreaded a session. 10/10 recommend MFM oral boards review with Dr. Lexi." ~MK

“Dr. Lexi provided an excellent service to help me prepare for and pass my oral MFM boards. It was very helpful for me to do practice sessions with her. When I took my exam I felt prepared and confident. I recommend her services to all of my colleagues." ~EH

“Taking oral exams is not easy for me. Working with Dr. Lexi helped me tremendously. We worked through all 3 of my case lists in my preparation for my exam. We were able to identify some of the I needed to focus on and practice. She also helped to boost my confidence prior to taking my exam. She was very instrumental in helping me pass my MFM oral board exam. I highly recommend working with her if you’re preparing for an exam!!" ~CO