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Pregnancy Health & Nutrition Course

Enjoy access for a full year to this critical course which answers vital pregnancy questions and supplies key self-advocacy tools and resources to support a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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  • A healthy pregnancy

  • A stressful board exam

  • A career in medicine

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Pregnancy Advocacy 


My pregnancy courses will help you navigate a healthy gestation from bump and beyond. I offer topic specific courses to get pregnant individuals the information needed to be amazing advocates for themselves and their pregnancy!


Each course will guide you through what I call the E.D.I. process for your particular topic, to help you EXPAND your knowledge, DEVELOP skills, and IMPACT lives! 

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13 Questions to Ask Your OB Provider

Prenatal visits can be so overwhelming! With all the appointments it can be difficult to know exactly what to ask at each of your visits. Wouldn't it be nice to have some help?

Check out this free fantastic handout that includes straight forward questions to ask your provider as well as a notes section to write your answers and follow up questions! 

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Download today and you'll have it for your next appointment! 

Physician Advocacy 


The journey to becoming a physician can be stressful...deciding to attend medical school, choosing a residency, taking board exams, and finding your first job. 


I've been through each step, and then some, and am here to supply you with skills to navigate each step of your journey. Find out if my physician advocacy consulting is right for you! 


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Secrets to Passing your Boards - Free Webclass

Don't study the traditional way and fail 


even if you've already failed

After studying relentlessly for months the traditional way, I failed my boards. I was devastated, but it made me realize there has to be a better way.

So, I came up with a system and guess worked! I have developed strategies to help you on your journey to passing your boards. Check out this free web class to learn more about how to study efficiently and effectively.


Hi, I'm Dr Lexi


I never would have thought that being diagnosed with a heart disease as a teenager would have ended up being the beginning of my story and not the end. That early diagnosis taught me how to self-advocate and fueled my desire to become a physician. 


Working as a high-risk pregnancy doctor is rewarding in every way, however, I felt the need to do more. I have created Dr Lexi to help individuals self-advocate...whether as an individual navigating pregnancy or a physician navigating a board exam. 


Being a doctor is my profession. Educating is my passion. 

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Join EXPAND your knowledge, DEVELOP skills, and IMPACT lives as I break down pregnancy topics into simple terms.

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