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MFM Written Exam Quizzes

The way to pass this exam is to practice answering multiple choice questions over and over again.

You will get access to:
  • Introductory video to explain the best way to tackle the quizzes
  • Seven quizzes that build from 25 questions up to 100 questions per quiz geared toward important topics for your exam
  • An immediate email after each quiz you take with your percent correct
  • Answers with explanations and sources for every question
  • Supplemental folder consisting of helpful study resources
  • Additional BIG QUIZ to review topics covered in the quizzes, and act as a practice test to emulate your exam
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What People Are Saying:

After many years of studying and passing exams, I assumed that I was ready for the MFM written boards. I got a harsh dose of reality when I opened my score report and saw the dreaded “FAIL.” I didn’t even know where to begin. I had never been in this situation before and felt completely lost. I found Dr. Lexi through an internet search. I was so nervous to reach out to someone and admit my failure. Instead of self-doubt and shame, Dr. Lexi helped me accept this failure and use it to drive me. I remember her saying, “this is part of your story". Dr. Lexi opened my eyes to more effective ways of studying. She gave me a personalized study plan and was with me along the way with the support I needed when things got overwhelming. With her help I went from failing by 3 points my first time to knocking a pass out of the park, improving my score by 40 points! I could not have done this without her.

~ Prior MFM Written Client